Data. What to do with the data? More permanent and problematic than the fusion of programming systems will be the use of all the data that are or were accessible to any companies that merge or are bought, or even within the same company assimilate each other according to some hierarchy, Either for convenience, let's say that to keep customers satisfied, or for legal reasons and even taxes, the data must be kept accessible for years.

Of course, part of the fusion of programming systems is all that concerns the data, but due to the importance and permanence that these play, it is logical that they are treated separately and suigéneris techniques are used to ensure that everything flows without interruptions.

That is why a good strategy and rapid practical implementation is necessary to achieve that, although the "old" or "other company's" programs may not be ready to join the merger, or even no longer going to be used , the data is used and accessible for any necessary or mandatory function to be performed.

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