As a summary of this part "Changes due to mergers" we can say that almost from the beginning of programming, many of the problems that arise when it comes to using both data and programs from heterogeneous sources in development and in production envirovments have been identified and tried to be solved. And they occur at all business levels, even among freelancers when they come together for a project. It is that it is more expensive to "start from scratch" both to program and not to use the data already available for each of the parts. There will always be detractors to this approach.

This topic of the course is perhaps the most complex to assimilate by the beginner, he may not even realize the importance it will have in the development of his Programmer Mind. You will focus more on learning what you are told that you will need to pass the questions and tests that will be presented to you to get a job, which is really very important.

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