We are now going to comment on several techniques to take into account to fine-tune any system or program.

We will start with saying that it is very important to define AT THE SAME TIME AS PROGRAMMING all the cases where our program, system, or variable Named with operations (also called "objects"), or simple operations such as functions, can or must execute, thus freeing the battle of the Tune-up before even starting to execute it. But it is important to document these cases, all, either through comments in the same program, or through the documentation that we have established (or were established) to document what we do. This type of document will be the indispensable starting point for the team of testers, even if we are ourselves. In large systems it is highly suggested that an independent team carry out the tests. By this I do not mean that each programmer is not responsible for what he programs, on the contrary, he must test for himself and document all those tests before submitting his code "ready-made" individually.

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