If there is a development process that must be thought from the beginning that it should not have "versions" it is the creation of databases. Emphasis should be placed on "thinking big" and also "thinking without limits", as they say, "Superman way" for the whole process of thinking, creating Brain Graphs, interactions, creating it regardless of how it will be used, rather, create a database according to its definitions "as data" and not in the operations that will later be carried out by systems that use it, in short, any consideration must be taken into account and why? Because the database will have a longer life and even independent of the applications and definitions by and for which it was created. It is my experience of 50+ years of development !!. And in the times that "for a long time" run because the least that one should limit when developing is the "external memory" which is where the database will reside permanently, be it local or in the cloud.

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