We are now going to present part of the "mambo jambo" that Microsoft have had to define in C# in order to allow versions of operations that are not previously determined at compile time, but rather it is the execution that determines which operation to perform in each particular version of it that we have implemented. And all for telling us programmers: "poop" do not use pointers, everything has to be checked when compiling to avoid errors! As if that solves the real and troublesome programming errors. Well, with being careful when programming, enough, take as data the millions of lines of code programmed in C++ using pointers. I say: In life and in Programming, every "roadblock" to thought reduces creativity. "And believe me, I've been programming in C# for 20+ years ... with its good things and also with the blocks and syntactic inventions that for them They have had to invent. Think about what Raphael's paintings would be like if he hadn't been able to take the brushes in his hand as he wanted ... Of course, if when they learn to program they do it in C#, it will be like "mother tongue" almost forever and it will be very difficult for them to accept "other" languages such as C++ or Javascript, the second one mainly because it does not require that the variables have a default type. Horror! they say in Microsoft and that is why they invented TypeScript, but look at the millions and millions of javascript code that fills the internet, without conflicts or errors, much of it programmed by "novice" or "self-taught" programmers, I'm just saying: Don't close your Programmer Mind to anything.

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