In this article and in the next we will study two important data structures, trees and graphs, widely used in the implementation of many systems such as the internal physical view of Database Management Systems, but which are rarely used in Real life applications on a day-to-day basis, and despite that in courses and in acceptance tests of many human resources departments, they even appear to verify if the Programmer is capable of implementing some other basic operation. Ask Programmers outside of university or research centers if they have ever used them, much less implemented.

Well, not in this course, here I comment them so that they know them and be able to use them, without much emphasis on implementations, rather so that they have them in their arsenal to reuse code and thus complement your Programmer Mind. I repeat what I said before: It is not necessary to create mathematical skills or to know in depth everything that humanity has developed to Program to become a Programmer. No one is capable of covering it all. Note that those who advance math skills very, very rarely become true programmers. Honorable exceptions do exist.

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