In the path of the Programmer's Mind is having various problem-solving techniques at hand. In this course we will address them one by one or in their interaction.

The first thing: Have you already named all the problem to solve? Do you already have the brain graphs with the definition? Do you have in writing, in any technology, what directly defined them? These three parts are very important, and their lack or incompleteness can affect the development of any solution scheme. Suppose then that you already have all this at least at the level of your scope and experience. If so, it is a good time to obtain criteria from a third party not involved in the definition but who might later become part of the project. It is not easy to deeply collaborate with others at this early stage, especially if your work schedule is tight, which can be precisely indicative of poor planning, since advising and verifying definitions must be part of any plan of any company or even a group of Freelancers friends. Experience will tell you.

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