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I have been a programmer since 1972, and until 1994 linked to the Neurosciences in what is now called NeuroInformatics. Since 1994 I have been an Advisor, Consultant, Developer, Software Architect, Remote Freelance, etc. I have worked in many programming technologies, almost from its inception, and in cases 10+, 20+, 30+ years ago. Currently I am also a reviewer-professor at three universities in the specialty of computer science.

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You must bear in mind that much of my work has been done under confidentiality contracts, so I should not comment on them.

I believe that I can be useful to you in various projects, including training and staff training.

For example, in informatics, do you have a project that does not finish? Topics to be done? Things to do or improve ?. I can be of help to you.

For the rest, I am a person of all confidence for internal financial work and / or computer security.

You can hire me here.

Or as Software Architect or Project Leader.

Thank you very much for your attention,


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Advisor and Consultor

Advisor Consultant Collaborator. Price depends on what to ...

Software Architect or Project Leader

I have worked in many programming technologies since 1972. ...