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    It was 1974 and an Engineer from the Department of Neurophysiology named Alberto Caro had designed a device for the experimental work of the department that could be controlled by our CID-201-B computer, compatible with the PDP-8, which I referred to in the article "CONCATISO. My first program.".

    In hand-coded machine language there are many techniques that were developed and used almost independently by each programmer of that time, since we had to run programs on occasions that did not "fit" in the computer's memory or that had to operate "in computers memory holes"

    As we did not have how to program in text and use an assembly program to convert to binary, we had to encode each instruction by hand, bit by bit, and that led us to know almost by full all the forms of instruction encoding.

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    What a cute and sweet dog! At the beginning of my daughter picking her up she trembled because of everything, she was afraid, but little by little she came to understand that with us she had a safe family that was incapable of punishing her and less hitting her when she was ever "done" inside the house.

    Dr. Erwin, very interested in Dr. Mitchell and his work, decided to give him 80 vervet monkeys from his colony in Saint Kitts, on the condition that we had to find and transport them ourselves.

    Saturday comes, I go to Peter's house, I ring the bell, and as soon as I see that the door opens for me I start talking "what if X, what if Y, what if the Integrals, what the Derivatives, that the exercise was not correct in the book "

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    Do you really think that programmers do our job "so badly" and make "so many mistakes" that we cause the thousands of vulnerabilities that the Windows operating system has had, has, and will have?

    First, to open a command console with administrative privileges go to C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ cmd.exe and with the right click select "Run as Administrator"

    The first limitation is the commercial one. Access is not sold alone, but as part of Microsoft Office and therefore an application made in Access cannot be distributed without first verifying that the customer has a valid license of the same Office as such.