Programming ... There are so many work and development opportunities for the Programmer and the Entrepreneur ... Smart houses, the internet of things (IoT), websites as varied as the world is, mobile applications (Android, IOS), Security in communications and in business, PC applications (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS), are some examples of how varied and necessary for Programmers to do their work.

Artificial intelligence? And who programs, trains, and maintains it? Programmers first. And with Artificial Intelligence, Programmers will get to "get rid of" many of the cumbersome tasks that we currently perform, giving us more space for creativity and self-development.

Programming will be easy with this course. There is no limit to the Programmer Mind, nor can the people who possess it be pigeonholed into a sphere of knowledge. Whoever develops the Programmer's Mind will be able to navigate through such varied worlds and applications as those already mentioned. It will be able to adapt to the constant fluctuations of the market and to apply the new tendencies of how-to Program, which Tools to use, in addition to being able to work alone or in groups.

In short, the most important thing when learning to program, even if you already know how to program, is to develop the Programmer's Mind, which are models of abstract and concrete thinking that are created as they are exercised in an orderly manner.

All or almost all the Programming courses teach to "Write poems in Esperanto" and you are not a poet nor do you know the Esperanto language, so you have to face solving problems programming in a language that you do not yet know, let's say for example C to mention a great veteran still active.

In other words, you get confused.

In this course you will learn to program or if you already have experience as a programmer you will see how your mind expands and develops. I will put my almost 50 years of experience at your disposal.

I began to program for Neurosciences, which I had to study, and I met specialists in this unique subject since it deals precisely with the most complex system of the human being. A single brain is as or more complex than the entire universe, and not even compare it with the Internet "Network of Networks", since when I see graphs and statistics of it, whether they are Big Data or whatever, I only see how simple it is next to the Human Nervous System.

That is why what I intend to do is to create and develop your mind as a Programmer, from the most basic to the most advanced, but always with words, without using any programming language, only perhaps in some examples or tailored to you.

I believe more in the power of words to stimulate your imagination and intuition as a Programmer, which is what it is all about, than the power of videos and multimedia tutorials at your fingertips. With the word you are free to interpret and imagine what you want, your mind flies high, without the obstacles that other media, without even realizing it, impose on you by filling you with images and videos that lead you on the right path, I am not saying no, but they only guide you on that path, without the freedom to look sideways ...

That is why this course will mainly contain content to be understood by your mind from the texts that I put at your disposal.

In short, a Programmer is a Writer. Write words in a language, as JK Rowling wrote "Harry Potter", but unlike these books where their acceptance by anyone is totally subjective (there are even those who do not even like Harry Potter or have finished reading it or seeing his films) to a PROGRAM (yes, with capital letters), however small and simple it may be, rigorous and exact quantitative and qualitative measures are applied, both, to evaluate its result, which has to be "perfect".

Recall the urban legend that General Motors responded to Bill Gates when he said: “If GM had kept up with technology as the computer industry has, we would all be driving $ 25.00 cars with 1,000-gallon miles". To which GM in essence and in summary replied:" If the cars that I make had the magnitude of the errors that Windows has and causes, nobody would ever buy them. They could not even be used". You can see the verbatim quote at

And it is so, each Program is a world of complexities connected to another world more complex still. And yet they work! As Galileo Galilei would have said if he had been a Programmer.

They work, it is magic, and that magic is what I intend to teach you.

Programming is an Art, as Donald Knuth said at the very beginning, it is a conjugation of theoretical and practical tools made available to the Mind which, like a Painter translates into a Canvas the Programmer translates into words and will come to view and interact with artificial characters 3D to achieve its goal, which is to create new directions and applications even now or dreamed of.

For all that you must prepare yourself, for the constant revolution of Programming.

And with this course, by creating the Mind of a Programmer, you can do it.

For clarity, the classes in this course will be:

- Naming and variables

- Solving problems

- Define problems for us

- Data and Bases

- Reusing code

- Finish and versions

- Tune up

- Maintenance

- Changes for Changes

- Changes due to Mergers

- In a Group

I will include examples of the "Internet of things", of concepts for the creation of specific equipment for the real "analog" world, examples of any current and future topics that allow me to put at your disposal the mental tools that I intend you to develop to fruition... Remember: "NO ERRORS".

You can access all 11 parts of the course by going to:

Octavio Baez Hidalgo.




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