Access all content. Programming will be easy with this course. There is no limit to the Programmer Mind, nor can the people who possess it be pigeonholed into a sphere of knowledge. Whoever develops the Programmer's Mind will be able to navigate through such varied worlds and applications as those already mentioned. It will be able to adapt to the constant fluctuations of the market and to apply the new tendencies of how to Program, which Tools to use, in addition to being able to work alone or in groups.

In short, the most important thing when learning to program, even if you already know how to program, is to develop the Programmer's Mind, which are models of abstract and concrete thinking that are created as they are exercised in an orderly manner.

All or almost all the Programming courses teach to "Write poems in Esperanto" and you are not a poet nor do you know the Esperanto language, so you have to face solving problems programming in a language that you do not yet know, let's say for example C to mention a great veteran still active.

When buying classes or better when buying the complete course we can be in contact and perhaps I can help you as an advisor, consultant, or collaborator ...

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To be a Programmer (without Mathematics)