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Amazon puts in your hands the book: Classic motors in Cuba 1899-2007 (Spanish Edition).

Launching by Hobbiesenred of the Book: "Classic Motors in Cuba".

Dedicated: To the motorcyclists of Latin America, the world and especially to the Cubans.

The legend of classic motors in Cuba began on September 3, 1899. Motorcycles continued to penetrate and, from that moment on, riders began to leave their footprints all over the island, thus maintaining their permanence, hegemony and development. This book will enable you to discover this treasured history from its beginnings to the present day.

Publisher: Editorial Primigenios
Date of publication on Amazon: 5 July 2022
Last edition on Amazon: 8 July 2022
Language: Spanish
Author: Onelio García Pérez
Total chapters: 28
Dimensions: 8 x 0.5 x 10 inches
Total pages: 212
ISBN: 9798839599567


Includes the VI fascicles published in Classic Motorcycling Magazine, other unpublished issues, plus 22 new chapters, a total of 125 owners and their motorcycles in Cuba.
The total or partial reproduction of this work by any means or procedure, including reprography and computer processing, is strictly forbidden without the written authorization of the copyright holders, under sanctions established by law.

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