Access shortcuts to internet resources on the white web.

What is the white web ?. Well, everything that is on the internet and that is practically not accessible to anyone because the main search engines do not list them since it is not convenient for them because they are not resources with which they make money or because they do not comply with what they have called "rules that the web pages must fulfill to appear in the first positions of our lists ". Lists that are also rigged by the profits contributed by the listed resources ...

Get the bill! The white web is much bigger than the dark web!

In fact, even the dark web has its search engines and "locators" according to the needs of Internet users.

So, in this section, little by little you will find those shortcuts that are already lost or difficult to access that we hope will be useful to you at some point.

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We will wait for you !.

Octavio Báez Hidalgo.
Editor in chief.

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