It is important not to listen to the audios but to put large headphones behind your ears in order to apply this antiviral treatment via bone conduction.


Antiviral treatments can be made using the audio generated from an encoding of the entire genome of various viruses, an encoding that creates a numerical series that can be sonified . The generated audio files are attached or you can download them using the listed links. It is very important that they are applied through bone conduction behind the ears and using large speaker headphones .

Some background:

Since the 1930s, researcher Dr. Rife (see ) began to use frequencies to “mobilize” certain viruses and thus be able to both see them in microscopes given their irregular but resonant movement with the applied frequency and to various treatments that would even allow the treatment of various types of cancer.

Other researchers have used ultrasound to kill cancer cells. See “New ultrasound treatment kills off cancer cells” at


In the 80s of the 20th century, Dr. Ana María Riverón developed a DNA coding which I have expanded and used to create a numerical series (not a Time Series) for the entire DNA genome of several viruses. Among them the HIV virus that causes AIDS, SARS-COV2 that causes COVID-19, Rabies, and others.

This number series is another way of looking at the entire genome and is what I use to sonify the entire genome, without using any codons or similar partial information.

I have generated audio files that can be applied to humans using bone conduction (not auditory conduction). Then, through some form of resonance, this sound tends to interact directly with the virus genome, to incapacitate it in some way, that is, "remove" the virus. Keep in mind that it is a very simple organism, and that these sounds will prevent it from replicating.

Furthermore, perhaps with this information at hand, the central nervous system can detect this virus a priori, before it could infect human cells. So in this way this treatment could be similar to a vaccine against the virus.

This approach, properly applied, has no side effects.

Plus, it doesn't do any harm.

Regular large stereo speakers can be used for bone conduction, but by placing them behind the ears, not on top of them.

Additionally, all audio effects such as filters, enhancers, equalizers, spatial sound, etc. MUST BE DISABLED in the audio player.

You can also place at least one of the large headphones in the nose, in the throat, in the lungs, or in any place on the body that is considered relevant to achieve a local reverberation of the viruses located in those areas, but remember that it is It is very important to place them "behind" the ears again, to achieve a systemic effect and also to warn the immune system that it can and must deal with these "reverberated" viruses.

Apply this bone conduction antiviral sonification at least twice a day, for up to three to five days.

Now you can use the online sonification treatment you need. We recommend that you apply the one that includes all the treatments or you can use one in particular for a more effective recovery from your condition. You can also apply any of these sonic treatments to increase the effectiveness of your overall immune system.

Here the link:

HIV, SARS-COV2, Common Flu, Influenza, Dengue, Hepatitis-C, Rabies, Zika , Chikungunya, and Ebola is included .

Please comment on your results, whether positive or negative. Remember how important it is not to listen to the audio but to put large headphones behind your ears in order to apply this antiviral treatment via bone conduction.

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