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As it will have happened to all of you that for years Microsoft has imposed its Windows 10 updates above any personal or business consideration of those who have bought its product.

And let's not say that they are only critical and security updates, along the way it has already imposed more than five versions of Windows 10 associated with the "continuous update" system that they implemented as a universal solution to the problems of Windows 10 itself.

Well, along the way there have been updates that have disconnected us from the internet, those that have lost us files, at least temporarily with their manual and laborious recovery, and other collateral effects for years that in this short page could not be enumerated.

If you count that the aforementioned updates "eat up" the entire communications channel, even if it is defined as "rented connectivity", that is, money charged.

You will have looked for solutions in chat rooms, forums, articles, magazines, and anywhere, and they will have worked for some time to "stop" these forced updates, until Microsoft, "because it feels like it", automatically downloads "something" and again begins the channel, the CPU, and the memory practically dedicated to updating instead of being dedicated to what you want and need.

Well, the solution is at hand!

A company that is dedicated to eliminating unwanted "rootkits" and other unwanted programs has developed a program that finally! Windows 10 updates stop.

This program even has options that you can review and configure by hand.

Download it here:

I recommend you never close it and put it fixed in the Windows bar so that from time to time you can view it and give "Refresh" just in case.

You can also see if it has an update.

I hope it solves you as it has solved me.

Octavio Báez Hidalgo.