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Independent Researcher.

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December 01, 2021


Repagular Physics. 1

We are the Dark Energy and Matter. A paradigm shift. 3

Matter, Energy, Time. 6

Programming. 10

Gravitonium. 13

Dimensions. 17

Time I. 20

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Light as base clock and h Planck repagular 3d minimum. 26

We are the Dark Energy and Matter. A paradigm shift.

The objective of this research scheme is to establish the practical and theoretical bases for the study and development of a line of thought conducive to establishing that the known universe, including us, is really "dark" matter and energy and that what has so far only knowable by the human mind is true "white" matter and energy.

In other words, the dimensions that we know, including time, even the relativistic, plus everything learned from the infinitely small or "quantum", is mediated because it is only a small part of the whole, which makes many of the theories and developed equations, despite having fantastic applications, are mutilated precisely for trying to explain even a very small part of all "reality".

It will be difficult to get rid of the thought that we know everything, or almost everything, and that we have called “reality” what is directly cognizable by us, either by our senses or by the physical-mathematical tools that we have developed. It will be difficult, but not impossible.

If we accept that we are part of a broader "reality", then we can begin to think that we can explain what we have all seen since the early days of our existence, that we are not alone, that part of us belongs to another "area", or in other words, that our soul and therefore our conscience is not from this "world that is said to be real" but is an integral part of a "reality" that we can know precisely by using the mental weapons that we have.

This has been done by myriads of thinkers throughout our history, and as one of them said: "when physics reaches the peak of knowledge there it will find enlightened souls."

What does this line of thinking imply? Well, there is no dichotomy between what until now we have called "reality" and the true and total "reality."

Take for example time. Was it created in the Big Bang or is it simply a base clock of some super computer that contains and develops "our" simulation or hologram or some other way of theoretical thinking about the universe we are in?

Well, I propose that we should think that we must leave all the "four dimensions" in our universe and develop a theory that allows them to be like a "projection" of a local scope, and that being "there" it is difficult if not almost impossible to "project "To" our "reality. For example, when an "entity" from "there" is "projected" towards "here" it is "seen and felt" as a "presence" of an inconceivably beautiful and effulgent white. Doesn't it "sound like" the "apparitions"? Each person has interpreted these "apparitions" according to their history and culture. And from now on I will stop using quotation marks to refer to what I want to highlight.

One thing I want to make clear: Our universe is real and knowable, it exists independent of our consciousness, and all the physics and mathematics that we have developed to explain it is perfectly valid. What happens is that by saying "the whole is mental" what has really been meant is that we are part of a larger reality only knowable through our enlightened mind? Come? Even in metaphors another light appears broader than our light as we know it.

But how to model what we do not know ?. On second thought, we do know it, it is in all of us, we are part of that more global whole. Our soul proves it.

I know that many, especially from Neurosciences, will object saying that the soul does not exist and we are only conscious as a product of the biochemical synthesis that occurs in our brain. Well, they are partly right. We are in this world and as such we obey its laws, but we also belong to another much broader and more encompassing world, related by so many thinkers throughout our history.

To model?. Is it necessary? Isn't it a way of thinking tied to our universe? I do not believe it. What happens is that we do not even know what we should model as the total reality. Or do we know it? What have so many minds (souls) told us throughout history? Well, we can and must transcend ourselves and achieve both here and everywhere, the development that we deserve to achieve.

I think that a good start would be to define that there is a way of looking at everything from oneself, and contemplating it, developing tools for us to become a concrete projection. Given that I read the term in a novel, I propose that this way of looking at the whole will develop what we will know as Repagular Mathematics, which will give rise to Repagular Physics and all the other disciplines necessary to understand everything.

It is in the Kybalion: Everything is Mental, As it is above it is below, as it is below it is above, Everything Vibrates, Everything is Polarized, Everything is Rhythm, Cause and Effect, Effect and Cause, and Everything has a Gender.

And it is in many other books and articles as well. Many things the soul has found on its way, but only those who have experienced it will give it a glimpse of reality. It is an individual experience. Everyone draws their own conclusions. Without the soul and its vision it is not possible to access complete reality. And each one is in charge of doing it or not believing in it.

And life? How to model the life of all creatures no matter how small they are? In total reality the same thing happens as in our reality. There are highly developed beings, who are aware of everything, and tiny beings that contribute integrality to everything, and also have their expression in our reality. Nothing escapes the All, and the All is in ... Everything? It seems like circular thinking, and it is. Let's not be afraid of it.

Continuing with Repagular Mathematics. These must define an operation that allows the passage of a particular matter to the whole, or vice versa, which makes all the formulations already found correspond to other valid formulations in the Whole.

Take for example the three physical dimensions. They have been extremely useful throughout the History of Science. But do they exist without alteration in the Whole? The corresponding Repagular operation will cause the physical dimensions to be projected from the Whole to our reality. In the Whole there are more than the physical dimensions, there is All Matter, even that not tied to dimensions.

Hard to believe? Not? Well, this line of thought that there exists everything here, but in a different state, will be fundamental for the scientific development of these Mathematics and therefore of the associated Physics.

It is important that every thinker, scientist and spiritual, focuses on finding similarities between what he observes here and what he sees there with his inquiring mind. As a child many things are experienced that we must remember how to experience them again, already with the experience of the years and of the studies themselves.

Much has been said about these issues, so I hope that what is written here will serve as an incentive to many creative minds that help us to establish the Whole as the energy and White matter that it is, and that we recognize that we, our universe can be reached even by our instruments, it is really the energy and Dark matter.


I give Science and FAITH of it.


Matter, Energy, Time.

I invite the reader seasoned in Physics to be patient and read several of these “Repagular” articles because words are not all-encompassing and the corresponding Repagular Mathematical language is being written in conjunction with these articles.

For millennia it has been tried to understand what the secret of life, of the universe, and also of ourselves, human beings consists of.

In the development of humanity, science appears as a powerful weapon on this path, but science is fatally associated with a way of thinking and demonstrating that, according to many, it has to be based on repeatable and verifiable empirical evidence.

But it is also accepted, especially in medicine, to describe a syndrome with only one case study, that is to say, studies are described and even published where "repeatability" is not possible because there is only one individual who presents the symptoms that lead him to suffer from a certain disease at the moment unknown. Of course, that individual undergoes myriads of analyzes and tests and is compared with multiple other individual cases or with accumulated collective knowledge, all in the field of established science, but in the long run there are some symptoms and the disease itself to accept it as "unique" and therefore "not repeatable". Is this evidence accepted as scientific in this case because it can be seen "with the eyes of the face”? Well, yes, it is accepted, and it is even published worldwide although another case is never known.

It is in this order of things that certain facts only "verifiable" individually must be accepted and added to established science, of course sifting many allegations that are directly related to mental pathologies, since in this case we could not "trust" the source data, that is, the individual himself.

There are many people who have contributed "their data" in the study of "the occult" to this fourth-dimensional reality, and there are many researchers who have valued, cataloged, and published them, so what should be done is to use all individual evidence to try to find ideas that lead to the development of a Physics, let's say that "enlarged" where the "that is seen with the eyes of the face" and I would add "that that is seen with the eyes of the observation and measurement instruments" is only a part of the whole, and thus we will understand that "we" are in reality "matter and dark energy."

When that moment arrives we will be able to see the entire "white" universe instead of separating immense "black" spaces because even light has a "more illuminated" counterpart and time has its counterpart "without limitations" in terms of its course. Even black holes will become "white."

Nikola Tesla stated: "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Well, we will try to do that.

It has been stated that "Energy generally refers to the ability to act or set in motion."

Let's look at the most famous equation in history:

E = m c2

Several things are assumed in this deep equation. First that Energy "is equal to", second that there is a mathematical operation "multiplication", third that time is implicit because the speed of light is present, and fourth, the three known dimensions are assumed because speed is present also the concept of "space".

Well, the "equal to" will be replaced by "is Repagular to" denoting more than an equality at the same time a correspondence, a dependency, a certain uncertainty, and a process beyond the dimensions that we know and take for granted as "unique ”, including time.

Some uncertainty? It should not be surprising. More “strange” are the consequences of Quantum Mechanics and statistical postulates in conjunction with “such a particle is there and it is not there”. Or not?.

Therefore the concept "Repagular" will permeate all Mathematics and Physics, both in theory and in its applications.

Let us now see the mass that can be defined, among others, as: "the amount of matter in a body, measured by its inertia , which determines the acceleration produced by a force acting on it."

"Amount of matter" appears. The matter to which he refers is the observable matter of "our" universe, and Repagularly it is the one that given "our" dimensions so it is, but it is also a small part of the "Repagular Mass" that permeates everything and is the "matter” in its broadest sense.

And when time appears, the evolution of events is taken for granted, but what if they all existed vibrating in unison? Could we transcend time? Time as we know it only exists in our dimensions, but beyond them there exists, let's put it this way, a “unified time” that vibrates in each and every event and allows us to know the whole and the parts in unison, or in other words, the Repagular Time transcends our existence and passes in all directions and at the same time it does not pass. Paradoxical?. Apparently, but once it is formulated it is not so much.

And the light? Well, it is the expression in "our" universe of the vibrant matter that "illuminates the Whole" and that allows us and at the same time limits us by being tied to time and therefore depending on it so much that in "our" dimensions it becomes constant. , but in reality it is part of the universal light that is present at the same “time” in Everything.

Hence the equation:

E = m c2

It first transforms into:

V ꭆ M ꭆ ꭆ E

In words: Vibration Programs Matter and Repagulates it in Energy.

And second in:

E ꭆ ꭆ M ꭆ V

In words: Energy is Repagulated in Programmed Matter.

It should be taken into account that in these approaches there are no dimensions including time, at least as we know them in our "Dark" part of the Universe.

It should also be taken into account that the two equations represent two processes where the order of the "factors" does alter the "product". There is no "multiplication" or "equality" in the traditional mathematical sense.

The basic process is called "Repagulation", and it will be through this that we can formulate the particularity of the now classic equation E = m c2 by introducing the dimensions including time, but at the cost of losing the generality of the two processes when becoming on only one.

A process leads the programmed matter to be energy, therefore it is known a priori from which matter that energy started.

The second process formulates that it is NOT possible to know what matter the energy is going to be transformed into, it is only known that it can be repagulated into programmed matter, or in other words, in a particular case of matter that can be any arbitrary matter, just depending on how it is program in a particular case.

Once we have energy, it has already become disconnected from the matter from which it came, if it came from some programmed matter.

Energy can exist by itself, without coming from matter, it is energy itself. But it can be transformed into programmed matter.

Programmed ?. And what does "programmed matter" mean? Is there matter without programming ?. Well yes, in fact all matter can be unprogrammed, and various processes can program it into energy.

But let's leave these topics of "Repagular Programming" and "Repagulation" itself for other articles.


I invite the reader seasoned in Physics to be patient and read several of these “Repagular” articles because words do not cover everything and the corresponding Repagular Mathematical language is being written in conjunction with these articles.

Repagular Programming. Est and concept and operation at the same time is the first to try to define this "Mathematical Physics", although in other treaties will start from the set theory, logic, or other disciplines of mathematical science established.

Why?. Well, because it is the one that has not had and does not take place in its entirety in our knowable universe by our senses, instruments, and others. It is a process applicable only to the "Global Matter" or "Extended Matter" and it will be in part what will allow the creation and "reality" of the four-dimensional of the "Whole" that we have known up to now.

To "program" (and so far the use of quotation marks) requires basic entities where to apply the program. For example, in computer programming the concept and reality of the binary system are needed, read from ones and zeros and from accumulating operations one on top of the other, reaching from the microprograms that define the machine language to the high-level languages and even the algorithms of the so-called Artificial Intelligence. In any case there is a direct relationship between the primary ones and zeros and let's say what is seen on a screen in a video game or 3D or virtual reality movie.

A new way of programming is being developed through applications of quantum mechanics, starting in certain cases from what has been called qbits. Quantum computers will already be developed.

Well, let's suppose, and let's just suppose, that our soul or consciousness, whatever you like to call it, is actually a form of programming of the repagular reality to create evolved subjects as any biological entity is, but also that it can in turn interact with matter and repagular energy directly, through mental processes associated … with GOD? Well, let's put these ideas at the center of this Repagular Mathematical Physics, which by the way does not negate traditional Mathematics at all, neither in the theoretical nor in the practical.

And as if we are programs, can we know where we are executing our processes and also our creator or creators? We can and will see that we have done it through millennia.

And how does the Alien Theory fit into all of this? Well, partly because entities that to a certain degree belong to repagular matter and also to ordinary matter can appear in our four-dimensional and interact with us, but there are also entities that are only made up of repagular matter, and when they appear in our universe they are they perceive as presences of a white as brilliant as incomparable.

And why are these apparently philosophical thoughts necessary for us in Repagular Mathematical Physics? Well, because they lay the foundations of the repagulus that form Global Matter and where our soul finds Reality. It is with these repagulus that material reality is programmed and they represent the origin of the Repagular Programming, from them to the most evolved forms of Matter and Energy.

Energy?. Well yes, in another article we present the repagular equations that relate Matter and Energy through the process of vibrating programming and vibrating matter.

Sure, I understand, so far mathematicians have not seen formulas in this article. It is because the repagular formulas are expressible in their own language, where our natural languages are the best tools we can use to express them. In other words, there are no bits or qbits, there is continuous matter that vibrates when programmed and is transformed into energy observable by us and our instruments.

In any case, we will try to express the main laws of Repagular Programming.

First law: All intention is transformed into action.

Corollary: It is enough with trying it mentally in our reality so that an action is established in the Global Matter.

Second law: All concentrated intention transforms matter.

Corollary: Global Matter, when concentrated, becomes knowable Matter of our universe.

Third Law: Concentrated Global Matter obeys the laws of our universe.

Corollary: Unconcentrated Energy is Global and concentrated Energy is knowable.

Fourth Law: Time exists in Matter and concentrated Energy.

Corollary: Time can be transformed with intention.

Now, what is intention? What is to concentrate? For intention is the initial impulse that can make Global Matter take definite forms and procedures that generate dimensions, including Time. Concentrating is the process that unites Global Matter and turns it into Matter of our universe. These processes are determinant and deterministic, that is why our universe had a beginning given the First Intention, or in other words, our reality exists independently of the Global Matter from the First Intention, but our reality is intermingled with Matter and Energy Global in such a way that we programs can have glimpses of them and Global entities can move into our reality.

Fifth Law: Vibrant programming attracts similar vibrating matter.

Corollary: To the passage from Global Matter to Matter of our fourth-dimensional universe, an inversion of the vibrating programming is added that causes repulsion between repagulus, resulting in attraction between inverse opposites.

Corollary: Global Matter attracts itself and ordinary Matter repels itself.

Well, so far this second part of the Repagular Mathematical Physics. In future articles we will elaborate these ideas in formulas and others that we will present, together to gravitational laws.


This is the … concept? more difficult to explain of all the Repagular, since in this … matter? everything that we have discovered about nature and the universe is based, even energy it is based on the Gravitonium through Repagularum.

The equations that describe it are not expressible in terms of the known Mathematics, it is necessary to discover this new form of linguistic expression little by little, through images that some will be able to see and not understand but that they will be able to dump them on canvas.

In the first part I expressed the Repagular relationship between Matter, Energy, and Vibration, and what if I told you that each and every part of these equations is based in turn on Gravitonium?

I know that some will think: "This replaces the indivisible atom with something equivalent", but it is not like that, since Gravitonium is divisible but not in the traditional way, but by expressing itself through Repagular processes.

Let's take an example: The same known fourth-dimensional space-time is a concrete and redefinable expression of the Gravitonium Repagularum but it does not include it as well. Notice the "redefinable" thing. This means that Gravitonium exists beyond space-time, or in other words, even time as we know it is also a repagular expression of Gravitonium.

Something has come close to those who have said that we are in a virtual reality created in a supercomputer, that if holograms, or other theoretical variants to try to explain where we exist.

It is that when we measure, we observe, we see, we touch anything at any magnitude of our space-time, we are specifying the Gravitonium precisely in what we have measured. That is why "something" is at the same time wave and particle, "something" is and is not, and so many other apparently contradictions but that are not, even in elementary particles and the laws of quantum mechanics this can be appreciated.

For example, the black holes are areas of concentration of Gravitonium where contact with our space-time can NO longer be established, that is why they disappear "even the laws of known Physics". We simply cannot measure or observe something that does not exist in our space time.

Let's also say that the jump from the quantitative to the qualitative also only occurs in our space-time, the Gravitonium is continuous, without bumps or jumps, both between "particles" and between "stars", there is only more or less concentration of it. Even light is from our spacetime, which is a special state of Gravitonium itself.

The classical physicists, the relativists, those who are dedicated to quantum mechanics, will say that this Gravitonium is like the ether that was thought to exist, and in part it is so, since it is in everything and in the parts, and in a way, let's say than “analog” to give it an understandable and distinguishable expression from “digital”.

The whole universe is Gravitonium which through Repagularum expresses itself in different ways.

Now, if time belongs to our universe, does it mean that it does not exist as Gravitonium? Well, yes, it exists, but not as one-dimensional time, but is present in any direction, that is why it is so difficult for the beings that inhabit White Matter and Energy to project them into our temporal space because they have to succumb to one-dimensional time.

Does it mean that the Gravitonium is GOD? Does it mean that Gravitonium forms the basis of the supercomputer where our existence takes place? Does it mean that the Gravitonium is Brahma's dream? Is Gravitonium Brahman? Well, like space-time, all these representations of the Gravitonium are true, and others too, all are created by our minds to explain the Repagularum.

Now, we can communicate with beings that are made up of matter and white energy but only through our minds and it is because our "soul" is also made up of the same and they are part of it, it cannot be explained or measured in our space time, but unlike those beings we are "chained for life" to our "reality." In many ideologies, religions, and other forms of thought, this communication is referred to as something similar to "elevation of the spirit."

In Hinduism, Kundalini is studied, and that form of Gravitonium is protected within us so that we can achieve our goals in this reality, and when we achieve them, we pass completely into “all” reality, we incorporate ourselves into Matter and White energy without contact with this space time.

What about multiverses, string theory, etc? Well, they are forms that our restless mind has created to try to explain the processes of the Gravitonium Repagularum.

Well, the reader will say that I make statement after statement without providing proof or equations, and I tell you that it will be through practical applications in our universe that these ideas will be tested. In fact they have already begun to be tested, although still without direct inference.

One application will be to transform Gravitonium into the electrical current so necessary in our space time given the technological world that we have built.

Another application will be that we will be able to "think" collectively, both we "biological" and "artificial" and we will create Theories that we don't even dream of today. These theories will allow us applications such as "travel" without altering time, about which so much has been written in Science Fiction.

Bear in mind that the concentration of matter has nothing to do with the concentration of Gravitonium, there may be the same Gravitonium in a helium atom as in a whole star. That is why it is thought that there is a contradiction between Universal Gravitation, although relativistic, and that existing between … elementals particles?. Come? Some of our space-time is already appearing, the "particles". Gravitonium responds to Repagularum at any level and size. Let's remember that.

How to create usable conventional electricity in our 4-D from Gravitonium? This question is fundamental to the controlled practical application of repagular processes. It has the potential to change the history of humanity by allowing us to continue to scale in the technological use of information up to biological processes without the environmental costs of everything developed so far for that purpose. Even the end of fossil fuels is predicted, fission nuclear power plants cause disasters in the short term or in the long run because of their toxic waste, and fusion power plants will too, make no mistake, even if the physicists argue that they don't  ...

According to the formula expressed in the first part of this series:

V ꭆ M ꭆ ꭆ E

In words: Vibration Programs Matter and Repagulates it in Energy.

And what does this imply? Well, we have always "vibrated" matter to produce energy, from large generating turbines to nuclear power plants. We will see that there are other ways to do it.

First we must have a "start-up process" so that the matter vibrates in the way we want it to be repaid in the energy we need.

How to create this "boot process"? Will it stay in our 4-D? Will it adapt to the current required to be used, large or small? We'll see, let's move on.

First we must mention that a process in our 4-D is reflected in the Gravitonium and vice versa since there is a close interrelation between the two, which implies that if we create an electricity generating vibration in our 4-D and in some way we can bring it to vibrate the Gravitonium equally because we will have created what we need.

In other words, the boot process can be created in our 4-D under conditions that influence Gravitonium.

And how to get to influence the Gravitonium? Well, using a transition of energy typical of man and not tied to our 4-D, our soul.

I know that for centuries it has been tried that the mind influences matter, but here it is not about that, it is that our soul, independently of "the physical mind", influences the Gravitonium through repagular processes. To be discovered? Well no, the "enlightened" have been doing it for centuries too  ...

Well, so far the knowledge bases (for now) of the Gravitonium Repagularum. In other articles in this series we will continue to expand and deepen them even with “real” practical examples.


A Repagulo is an algorithm of representation of a set of Gravitonium, being neither qualitative nor quantitative at the same time, but when it represents it becomes one, the other, or both. Then the set of Gravitonium represented by the Repagulo takes on meaning according to when they are represented, which is when in our reality they exist if they are measured or tend to be known, although in the Total reality they always exist as such.

The process of Repagulation allows us to transmute what is represented from one reality to another or to change what is represented in the same Repagulated reality, things being gravitons, for example, or also human beings if what is Repagulated is society.

There are no numerical laws or formal logic for repagulation, only the repagulated is knowable when we try to represent it in some way, but once things have been repagulated in our reality then all quantitative and qualitative mathematics become effective and necessary.

That is why society and the universe must be studied following Repagular Mathematics and provide results and inferences that can be used in the qualitative or quantitative studies that have been carried out for decades, but which have not been effective in isolating the subjective factor of interpretation, as we human beings are therefore also part of the repagulated things.

Needless to say, binary computation, even quantum computation, will not be able to compute repaguli or to infer useful and "real" general laws of Gravitonium if it follows its present quantitative or qualitative development. In other words, other principles of computation are needed, closer to how Man, as a repagulated entity, performs them.

In Physics there are particles and particles, models and models, theories and theories, and each and every one as a result of human thought has been and will be increasingly effective in studying and explaining from the quantum, through the universal, to the social, but understanding the underlying Repagular process in all will generate more subjective knowledge with much more encompassing and less limited material implications, for example the speed of light as a limit in "our" reality, but this is so because the Repagulation that represents "light" contains elements that predispose matter to be in this "black" universe that constitutes say 5% of the total "white" reality, as discussed in "We are the Dark Energy and Matter".

Dimensions, including Time, exist in our reality and are indivisible from it because the repagular process brings with it the activation when something is measured. In other words, Time allows everything to exist in our universe and also as it does not exist in Global Matter and Energy we can access it with "intention" and create whatever we need from it, be it electrical energy, thoughts, even social disturbances that set new goals to achieve given existing conditions.

Let's look at an analogy. The memory of any computer, binary or otherwise, is like gravitons, inert per se, and is activated when the base "clock" begins to tick off intervals at which to carry out the instructions stored in the same memory per se. The intention in this case is effected by depressing the power button.

On? Big Bang? Well, yes and no, since Time exists as such only as an indivisible part of every repagular process applied to gravitons or other "things" like the social being, for example, and it is known that society did not have a Big Bang and neither did the human being as a biological entity, so when we try to study the "history" of the universe some feel the "need" for an "on" button but others know, like the mystics, that there was no such on but that we are the product of universal and quantum repagular processes that to understand them we can and must stop conceptualising Time as such.

Standard Model of Physics? Correct, it is a pinnacle of knowledge, but it is not the only way of "modelling". There are also the qualitative ways and even those that are only expressible in human thoughts that occur in the Global Matter and Energy that are not yet repagulated and of which the mystics have even been certain of them. When they are repagulated, Time appears, and when Time appears, the "earthly" dimensions appear which are accessible to our senses and also to the "non-human" measuring apparatus.

So great is the human ego that attempts have been made to replace reality with simulations of it on the basis of models or assumptions created by man himself, mathematically formalised or not, but we must not lose sight of the fact that they are only simulations, they are not reality itself.

Also because of the great human ego, all Mathematicians and Physicists are relying fully and unreservedly on some or all of the applications that have been created precisely for Mathematical work, such as MathLab or Matemática, for example, and in many cases have abandoned the "pencil and paper" work that is so necessary for the exercise and concretion of intuition beyond "traditional" Mathematics, even though its language is the most precise and universal language ever created by Man.

In the first decades of computer programming it was essential to have a solid knowledge of mathematical algorithms to be useful, but as applications have tended to have more "visual" results, languages and techniques have been developed in which it is no longer necessary to have a deep knowledge of mathematics, or rather, if you do have it, it becomes a brake on creative productivity. Of course there are many frontiers of knowledge where it is still necessary to have a fairly sharp mathematical development, but there are also many where it is not. And I am not referring to using tools developed by others, but to the creative process itself. For example, it is as if Mozart had to know the mathematics inherent to musical processes.

And it is on these terrains where Repagular Mathematics walks, which are neither qualitative nor quantitative, they are "thoughts" which, when expressing themselves in this universe, of course have to adopt a so-called "mathematical" garb, although it must be taken into account that this already limits them in their theoretical as well as practical scope. It should also be noted that Repagular Mathematics is applied in Global Matter and Energy, where the repaguli, read algorithms, are adhered to, which allow us to observe and utilize in our reality both gravitons and thought itself, as well as society as a whole.

Time is the main dimension of this "part" of the Universe, and it is therefore inconceivable to us to think that there is "another" reality where it does not exist, and it is also inconceivable to us to think that in this "other" reality there are beings conscious of the Whole, of Global Matter and Global Energy, who are able with certain conditions and needs to "present themselves" in our "dark" reality, which comprises a small percentage of the Whole. These beings can at will do what is unthinkable for us, in any field, including "travelling" in Time. Remember that Time does not exist for them and they can "activate" whenever and wherever they wish in "our" universe. The mystics know this well.

Let us also keep in mind that dimensions (x,y,z,t) are convenient mathematical abstractions to describe and explain the reality of our universe. They exist even before Descartes and Einstein formulated them, i.e. they do not depend on "our" view of the universe within our "normal" grasp.

Time I.

Let us delve into Time, the main "dimension", the one that was created at the instant of "birth" of our Universe, and that marks the "becoming" of everything, including even light.

We cannot "grab" Time, note the capital letter, but we can know its effect on gravitons when they aggregate to repagulates and concentrate to "enter" our Universe. Let's keep in mind that it is the only "truly real" dimension, the other three are convenient mathematical abstractions to model processes, structures, and many of the things that humanity has used and uses in its socioeconomic development.

By taking away Time we take away everything, the repaguli stop, we can neither measure nor observe, except with our own mind as it is partly from "here" and partly from "there", a process that many mystics have achieved throughout history and let us also take into account that the human imagination, encouraged by drugs, is capable of creating "realities" that are not such, and we can even say that there are nervous pathologies that also cause the "access" to realities that are not either. It is easy to deceive ourselves since only the individual himself is aware of what he "sees without seeing", some say with the "third eye", others with the pineal gland, others with the superior chakra above the head, others with the "heart", in short, each one has his "tool" to transcend the reality of our universe and have glimpses of the Whole, taking Time out of the equation.

Therefore, there is no single formula to transcend Time, each one must experiment which ones he will use and they may even be different or complementary each time. But do not try to directly convince those who have not had that "possibility" because they are centered in the paradigm that "everything to be science has to be possible to replicate" or "everything to be faith has to be centered in my beliefs" and do not see that both positions are not contradictory, they are complementary, a result that is reached by understanding that each Repagulus dominates the gravitons without having to be disjoint, nor be a single Repagulus that coordinates them to "enter" in our universe. In each "moment" Time and perception by any means, even technological ones, make that one Repagulum or another is "selected", that is why "particles" and "waves" belong to the same matter. Do you understand? It is the algorithm applied by the Repagulus inserted in Time that determines what we observe, hence even the alleged "randomness" which is nothing more than the lack of knowledge of being able to recognize the Repagularity of Matter.

Time II.

Let us continue gradually approaching the Repagular concept of Time, of the Global, of which only a part when it Repagulates the Gravitons affects us in "our dark Universe", since Time as such belongs to the "White" Universe, as I claimed in the first article of this series.

Let's see: does Time vibrate. Well, it does not, not in our reality, what it does do in our reality is to "coordinate" the action of the repaguli on the gravitons, although in fact, in order to do so, Time does "vibrate" in the Whole.

It is difficult to conceive it, but Time is also a Repagulo itself, which self-repagulates by vibrating in the Whole and then influences the repaguli associated to the gravitons and thus perhaps "pass" or "are present" in our universe.

How then to vibrate to Time, consciously? By vibrating to Time we move without limit through any Repagulo / dimension including Time itself.

Layer upon layer repagulates Time and the movement of the layers is the vibration of Time. Have you seen how a 3D printer works? Well, think of one that puts layers and each layer moves in turn, turning the result into a "vibrating" whole. In our universe we only have access to a "layer" of Time, which moves but does not vibrate by itself.

A consequence of the vibration of Time is that the speed of light is not constant in itself, it can be zero or infinitely large, and to observe them all at the same "Time" is a redundancy somewhat more than "relativistic", it is Repagular.

Another consequence is that we can move in zero time, or in almost zero, if we vibrate Time, taking as displacement to be present and absent in several states and places at the same time. Strange? And isn't quantum mechanics strange?

How to move the layers of Time by vibrating? By detaching ourselves from it? in dreams? Consciously? Accessing the full knowledge of the Whole? Leaving our universe? Being simulated in it? Mere programs in physical 3D bodies? We must keep in mind that our repaguli, the ones that form our "physical" matter, are inseparable from the Time repagulo. The mind can transcend Time, we will see it in detail in the Repagular Neurosciences.

The graviton without repagulation to time is not measurable but transcendent. That is why we can transcend Time.

And finally, in this part II on Time: Time repagulates everything but in the Whole it is a repagulo that can be dominated more. How? We will see...


Let us now talk a little about how the particles that form "our" "dark" universe are formed and what they mean, since they do not exist independently of the repaguli that are associated to the gravitons.

The particles themselves do not exist, and they do exist, if it is worth the contradiction, since they are always present the power of the repaguli to vibrate with Time and make them visible, but never the basic gravitons.

Every time we look, touch, smell, measure, and any technological procedure we use to study the "real world" we are actually interacting at the very base with the repaguli that self-modulate according to what we want to measure. In other words, if we try to measure position then that is what we will get because the repaguli self-adapt to our devices or physical senses and thus give us the result we are looking for.

How is this achieved? Well, the repaguli have in turn let's say "position sensors" that when we try to access the position of a particle, that is what they give us.

To make an analogy: In binary computers the program, whatever it is, only has access to the bits 1 and 0 that are stored in memory and that can form instructions or data depending on the current "run" in the "time" of the computer, but never have access to the materials and technology that actually form each zero and one, which can be as varied as man has created it to build the same computer. Well, something similar happens with gravitons and repaguli, to which we never have access directly but through trying to measure "properties of matter". And if they are "universal" properties, then the aggregate set of all gravitons and repaguli will give us the result we expect. For example the famous "red shift".

We do not need to study in depth what the repaguli perform to be able to use them in our favor, as humanity has been doing for millennia with fire, for example.

Now yes, everything is in constant vibration in the Whole, even the Global Time that causes each instant to be unique, it stops itself, but in our part of the "dark" universe it always continues to decay. We could even make Time decay backwards by disassociating ourselves from it as we have presented in previous articles. Mentally? Well, that is the tool we have been able to use so far.

Are there "Global" conscious beings? Well yes, and they can at will present themselves "partly" in our "dark" part and be perceived as "indescribable whiteness" because we do not have access to the repaguli that would allow us to see them as they are. We do not see "the particles" that constitute them.

There are also beings that can temporarily incorporate themselves into our "dark" universe while being aware that they belong "to the Global" so that they can then influence or do things in "our" material world. So in these cases we do have the repaguli that allow us to "see" them as we are, since they come "in our image and likeness" in some cases, in others as "aliens" or beings from other worlds more evolved than ours in the repagular knowledge of the particles.

Everything explained here can be expressed in the Repagular Mathematics, as we will do later.


This will be perhaps the most difficult part of all these introductory articles to Repagular Physics since it tries to explain why among all the properties of matter it is its vibrational characteristics that make it closer to its base and its characteristics such as amplitude and frequency can be measured.

The electrical energy that we use in our universe is neither created nor destroyed in it but through repagular processes "passes through" Gravitonium and the repaguli that conform it are transmitted from one to another establishing a continuous chain that allows to be used by so many and so many "material" applications in our universe, as the radio, the lights that illuminate our nights, etc...

All Gravitonium and its repaguli adapt themselves to be "waves" when needed, as for example the famous experiment of the gratings. The repaguli are like algorithms that self-run whenever necessary to "give a reality" in our universe and follow the logic of the measurement or test being considered where they emulate a result being sought.

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has no place for those who live in Global Reality since they have access to gravitons directly without having to go through the matter-transforming repaguli of our universe.

Planck's constant is valid and many others that are fulfilled "on our side" but are meaningless in the Whole.

The Global Reality is always vibrating on the Gravitons say particles with associated repaguli.

Therefore there are always "waves" in the Global Reality and also in our "dark" Reality, just as there are always particles and particles each one fulfilling a function.

The whole universe vibrates and with it so do we and it is an indissoluble part of every characteristic whether observable or not by us.

As each vibration is unique, the "spectator" is given a sensation of "randomness" that is not such, since everything involves Gravitons with their associated Repaguli, which must be understood that each one vibrates "in its own way" independent of the others.

And the soul? Well, it vibrates too, like everything else, and belongs to the Whole and needs our physical body to manifest itself in our "dark" reality, but it is like an "intelligent" Repagulo in itself, capable of self-knowledge and of knowing its environment, both Global and "dark", read "our" material reality.

When the body dies in our reality our Repaguli returns to its origin and merges with its congeners WITHOUT TIME, since Time as we know it only occurs in our reality. But the soul remains in Global Time. And vibrates in it, and according to:

E ꭆ ꭆ M ꭆ V

Or Energy Repagulates into Programmed Matter but does NOT know its origin.

We are all bound and at the same time free from Global Time, worth the redundancy, but some "higher" souls can "come" into our reality and influence us both mentally and physically.

We are all creators of Waves and Particles because we Repagulate the Global Matter and we are one with it, what some do it consciously and others "live" the experience.

The Second Law says: Every concentrated intention transforms matter.

And if the soul "concentrates" properly taking into account the repaguli and gravitons it can transform matter, just as it happens with the creation of heavy elements in "our" universe giving way to increasing complexities of repagular spaces with concentrated gravitons.

Let's say that if we concentrate on gravitons and their repaguli we will be able to "create" all the reality we want or need, from a desired social position to having "equipment" capable of repagulate the Global Matter to obtain electric energy that we can use without any limit.

Light as base clock and h Planck repagular 3d minimum.

We are now going to state perhaps the most implausible leap of thought for the physics of our reality, that light works as a base clock that coordinates everything in our universe and that Planck's constant is the minimum observable 3D quantum.

To say that light works like a base clock is a super simplification of the meaning of light in our universe. I only make this allegory to give a better understanding of the working mechanism of repaguli on gravitons. Remember that saying graviton in repagular physics is not the same as saying graviton in physics valid for our universe, as has been stated in previous articles.

How does a repagule work? Well, a repagulo is like a microprogram of a binary computer, where the machine language instructions are actually algorithms based on microinstructions that when "running" execute the given instruction. In other words, the machine instructions are not the lowest level instructions directly executable by computers, but are the result of the execution of even lower level instructions. And who is in charge of coordinating everything and making it available "in time"? Well, the base clock of the computer. Well, in the same way there are "instructions" of lower level than those observable in our universe that when converted into a repeatable algorithm are able to create the reality that we observe. Those instructions plus the algorithm they execute are the repagulo.

Therefore there is, let's call it this way, a base clock more precise than the same light, which is the one that puts "in time and coordinated" the repagulo, maintaining invariable the speed of light contracting the space if necessary so that the causes precede the effects in our "dark" reality and also that the entropy, or "disorder" is always increasing and there is never a "reverse gear".

There are an infinite number of repagulo, collections of basic instructions, capable of creating this entire observable world.

The repagulo run in the Whole and their functioning is affected by the interference of our observations. For the repagulo there is no linear Time as we know it. In fact, Time in our 4D is a projection of Global Time, the latter being more all-encompassing and broader as it is omnipresent.

For our universe to function the repagulo can be self-generating and self-executing. In fact the vast majority of them are autonomous, so reality exists outside our senses, but at the same time (time?) we are able to evade and transcend global Matter-Energy through what has been called "enlightenment".

In human meditation is it not necessary to "stop" time? For in this way the Whole manifests itself to our understanding. Not only enlightened minds have access to the Whole, in fact we humans almost always function in the Whole through our thoughts which in turn are limited by our physical presence in this universe. Hence we are bound by physical chemical processes "here" and it is necessary for us not only to feed ourselves but also to provide ourselves with many psychotropic substances for our proper functioning. But sometimes, I say "sometimes", we also have glimpses of the Whole according to our development and that of human society in general, and we can access what has become known as Akashic records, which is nothing more than accessible information in Global Time.

In conclusion: The self-regulated repagulation of light creates our observable reality, which has an attainable minimum reflected in Plank's constant.


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