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I will tell how I started working in the Department of Neurophysiology of the National Center for Scientific Research.

It was the year 1971 and I was studying Pure Mathematics at the University and it turns out that a doctor, Dr. Pedro Valdés Sosa, better known as "Peter", also began to study Mathematics as a second career.

Peter and I were together for almost two years, we became good friends, we even studied together.

Peter was already a worker with many obligations, he skipped school from time to time, but despite that his grades in everything were the highest. The University, instead of taking into account that he was already a graduate, became stubborn and did not allow him to continue due to irregular attendance. For the University Student Federation I opposed and faced the bureaucracy as much as I could, until the Vice-Dean of Teaching did not compromise and removed Peter from the study of Mathematics.

A year passed and we lost contact, and back in 1973 ... 1974 I wrote to a newspaper clarifying that a piece of news was badly written, it said: "Ceres, the planet closest to Earth", and I told them what to say "planetoid" since Ceres is not a planet. As it turns out, as they published my personal information, with phone number and everything, Peter remembered me and called me inviting me to go to his department.

Well I went, Peter was already the Postgraduate Director of the entire National Center for Scientific Research, and in the Department of Neurophysiology I met Dr. Thalía Harmony, his boss.

I immediately fell in love with that job with them! Imagine, since I was a child I was interested in the Brain and "its things", and with them and with other researchers that I met I understood that by having them as mentors my development could be as far as I could go, without "ceilings" ...

And I immediately went to occupy a "work-study" position for a time until I became a Computer Programmer, working as what they now call "Informatics" but specializing in Neuroscience.

My dream came true!

I am very grateful to everyone in the Department of Neurophysiology who welcomed me as an equal, despite being outstanding international researchers. In other articles I will write about each and every one of them.

Thanks to them and thanks to you for reading me,

Octavio Báez Hidalgo.