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Back in the year 1973-74 I have already told how Dr. Pedro Valdés took me to know the work of the Department of Neurosciences.

I immediately met Dr. Thalía Harmony, one of the most intelligent and determined people I have ever met in my entire life, and knowing that I was about to finish the second year of Pure Mathematics, She knew that I had no biological training.

I will never forget that he looked at me with those "inquisitive eyes" that he has and told me: "To work here you must read more than 5 scientific articles in English a day" and he gave me all the facilities to find them and lend them to me. She even told me how to subscribe to receive scientific journals even in Russian translated into English, and other publications on mathematics and programming.

She also gave me a book on Medical Physiology by the author Dr. Guyton, and a book on Functional Neurosciences by the authors Drs. Estrada and Pérez, those who ranged from Neuroanatomy to Neurophysiology. Even a book on Medical Sexology.

Already occupying a work-study position, she sent me to study medical school semesters, in which I really did not do very well. I was never given to sitting in a quiet class for hours on end.

As on Saturday because we only worked for four hours, they were dedicated to scientific meetings and presentations, project discussions, and so on. Well, Thalía told me "study the articles you select for each week, at least 25, and on Saturday we can see if you have assimilated them."

I was lucky because they hardly ever asked me ... Ji Ji Ji.

And so was the reception and follow-up of my Neuroscience training from Dr. Thalia Harmony.

Math and programming were left to learn at my own risk. I decided what to study. Of course I had Dr. Pedro Valdés close by.

In another article I will describe how in those early years I learned other parts of Neuroscience, laboratory work, Neuro Biochemistry, and so on.

Octavio Báez Hidalgo.