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Since my arrival at the Department of Neurosciences I noticed that the branch of Neuro Biochemistry was, as I say, very well represented by the brilliant Swedish researcher Björn Holmgren and his wife, the talented Chilean Ruth Urbá.

In almost home-like conditions, since in fact we were working in what was known at the time as "The Laboratory House", they carried out intense research using mice as an experimental basis, and their contributions to the study of sleep and its physiological mechanisms were particularly important, as well as the evaluation of substances for the pharmaceutical industry.

I, as I had "free" time when I put a program to run on the CID-201-B computer that, as I have explained in other articles, may take up to hours to give results, I would pass from time to time to his laboratory that was assembled in what was originally the kitchen of "The Laboratory House".

In contact with them I noticed that they were always reviewing a small booklet, which was the "Current Contents" where the title and abstract of the scientific articles that were going to be published from several months onwards appeared. Recall that it was the 70's and there was none of the ubiquitous access that currently exists to information, so it was very important to review the "Current Contents" and then request the articles from the author who received preprints, perhaps 30, when his article was printed and then he could send it to those who requested it directly.

To do the above, request items, you had to fill out some request cards and send them by post, and I proposed to help them fill them out, so that they only had to mark which item and then I would fill out the cards.

And so, little by little, first reading article summaries, then basic science topics such as Chemistry, Neurochemistry, Neurophysiology, Neuroanatomy, Neurobiology, etc., always led by the Holmgren couple, I was rounding up a vertical training complementary to the one I was receiving from Dr. Thalía Harmony, training that allowed me to "touch" Neurosciences "with my hand" and thus be able to understand and develop joint research with my colleagues in the Department, which I report here in articles. I even did laboratory work as if I were an "official" assistant.

These complementary studies are those that allow me to "see" the enormous distance between what is currently called "Artificial Intelligence" which are nothing more than more or less complex algorithms where physicists and mathematicians speak of "Neurons" and "Neural Connections" as if they really they knew the "truth" ones that belong to the biologically living world.

More than 40 years have passed and I still remember very fondly the Holmgren and how much they contributed to my training.

Thanks so much for reading.

Octavio Báez Hidalgo.