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Yesterday walking and walking I went to repair a fan where a technician who has been repairing electrical appliances for more than 20 years, has a lot of experience, is fast and accurate.

Upon arrival there was a "return at 2:30" sign and waiting for it a Mrs. arrived with a rice cooker. Well, we started talking and talking, and I said to myself, why wait until everyone has internet to use Facebook? Facebook we have it within reach ...

Well, without meeting each other, exchanging phone numbers, or even names, that Mrs. and I established a physical-biological chat between us, lively and witty.

We told each other about the children, she about the granddaughter, we exchanged anecdotes, we commented, and then when the technician appeared, we chatted together "naturally" in which he diligently fixed the pot and my fan.

Always, led by the hand of my father who was very talkative, I have done this chatting on the street with people that I will not even meet, and I assure you that it is an unforgettable experience every time.

Now, when you are out there, chat "naturally" with others, exchange ideas and daily life, do not wait to even know your phone. Sneaky encounters? Do not believe that they are more permanent than you imagine.

I saw in a documentary the effect that a Buddhist monk had on water molecules. Spectacular!. And a spectator comments: Imagine the effect that actions have on our body, which is + 90% water! .

If you are a boss, chat to the human, without ceasing to control, if you are an employee, chat to the human, working better, if you walk or go in a vehicle, chat to the human, attending better at the wheel if you drive, if you are the owner, chat to the human, that you will profit if you and your employees chat to the human.

After all, when you buy a yacht and show it off in front of others, don't you feel good, "bloated" with satisfaction? And that feeling is not spiritual?

All profit is spiritual, then apply the facebook to the human and you will see.