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Galita's life cycle is over, a cute little dog that my daughter Lissi picked up from the street and who gave us a lot of love and happiness.

Galita was very naughty. Being at home made Dolly, another bigger dog, dump the garbage can so that she would then be the one digging for food. And that we gave her a lot of food and other things that she liked. But it seems that her nomadic life led her to try to store as much food as she could find.

Galita got along with everyone. She was very sociable. I don't remember seeing her bark at anyone with bad intentions. She is always ready to meet others.

She is very attentive to everyone in the house. She always knew where we all were. But when my son-in-law and my daughter left, she would lie down at the front door and she would not move from there until they returned. She was well loved and she loved very well.

I hope that Galita, wherever she is, remembers us as we remember her, with love and without sadness, because she made us feel very good.

When someone leaves she leaves us a void that is difficult to fill. We will always remember Galita as the good friend that she was to all of us.

Thanks Galita for existing and having given us the opportunity to meet you.

May she have peace like the peace you gave us.

Thank you.